As the penetration of mobiles are increasing in India and people are getting cheaper internet, the scope of online video content is also increasing leaps and bounds.
A new era has evolved because of this for the content creators. Be it web series, films or documentaries.

We compare it to the evolution of film cameras, we know how just a decade back, making a film was an expensive thought in itself.  But with new cheaper DSLR cameras and now mobile cameras anyone and everyone can make a film or say any video content with measurable quality.

Making a film or a video content became easy and dirt cheap but the question remained who would watch that content and where ?

Just until 5 years ago the only option was releasing your film on theaters or on YouTube.  And then media giants like Netflix, Amazon entered the Indian markets.  Along with them many local OTT platforms like Voot, TVF, Alt Balaji, Zee5, MX Player, ShemarooMe, Vodafone play also emerged.  The boom gave a platform to the video content makers.

The growth was exponential. Everything just would fit perfectly. Cheap Internet – Mobile sales growth, cheap membership of the OTT Platforms like Netflix and Amazon and entry of Superstar and Bollywood actors into web series.

People now preferred watching the best content in their own comforts.  They don’t need to buy a ticket and go to theater. With a cost of a ticket they can now watch unlimited movies and web series on Netflix or Amazon through out the year.

Speaking of the web series in particular the trend started from TVFs original called Pitchers, Girl in the city , Girliyapa , tripling, band baja barat, etc. All of them releasing on YouTube and getting loyal returning viewers. The internet starts became the new celebrities.

Sacred Games in India was the game changer for Netflix.  It was one web series which also brought India into the international map of world class web series creators.

And then there was no looking back for either amazon or Netflix. People are hungry for new and good content. Viewers tastes are changing for the content they watch. More and more nudity is accepted online and creators also are experimenting more with their films.

There has been 2 trends observed . Comedy and Crime has been vastly accepted and seen online.  Like More and More stand up comedies shows are being released online on Amazon and Netflix.  Netflix alone has released 5 crime based India web series in the past 3 years . Like Sacred games, Powder and latest – ‘Delhi Crime’. The latest is DRISHTIBHRAM, a crime thriller available on Amazon prime (US,UK), MX player, ShemarooMe and Vodafone play.

So thinking positively about it ,a great time has come for the content creators as well as content viewers with web series stealing the limelight !

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