1. Film distribution.

We are the best and the most trusted film distributors in central India. We have distributed Hindi , Marathi as well as regional films in CPCI circle and all our distributed films have made huge business in central India.

We distribute films in Theatres, multiplex and all digital platform. If you have a film then we will help you to show the film to the whole world in the best possible price.

No matter if it is a small or a big budget film. For us a film is a film and any film is equally important to us.

2. Film Production

There are so many things related to making a film. Right from Pre Production phase where one has to write a script and finalise the locations. In the Production phase the whole management of the shooting has to be done and actors has to be managed. In the post production phase all post production activities like editing, video sorting etc has to be managed.
We do all of it. We have a team of trained and experienced people who are capable of doing the job with best results.

3. Digital and music rights

We are the biggest content manager in Central india. If you have a film or a music video or a music album we will help you put it online in upto 70 digital platforms and generate revenue out of it. We assure that you content is visible online in all these platforms.
Our clients are Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple Music, Ganna, Hotstar etc.

We also deal in Satellite rights of films, foreign digital and theatrical rights for films and other video content, dubbing rights etc

4. Film consultation

You have a script in your mind and want to make a film ? We will consult you on how to make a film in best affordable budgets and how to take it forward after the film is made.
Lot of times even if the film is made good still the producer of the film is not able to release the film or take to the audience due to lack of knowledge about business of films and marketing style.

We will help you before hand in everything related to films and marketing and planing.

We assure you that if you trust us we will make your film a grand success in the box office.

5. Corporate films and video advertisement.

Every company need a film to grow its business and tell the world its vision and values as a company. Any product needs to be advertised in order to increase the sales and awareness.

We make all types of corporate videos for all businesses . Our expert man power writes perfect advertisements for the clients and make an impressive audio video advertisements which surely attracts the customers to buy the products and services of the client companies.

If you are also thinking of making a corporate video or a video advertisement then you are at the right place. Contact us now to add wings to your company and fly high.

6. Audio and music production

We have a well equipped Audio and sound studios which can do all types of audio and music production. Right from lyrics writing, music production, song production, background music, 2.1 sound studio, 5.1 studio we have all the services available.

We have a fully equipped 5.1 channel sound studio which can do the pre mixing and final mixing of the audio of the film and give it a theatrical effect.

Our bank of musicians and singers will help you in finding the best music with us.

7. Film marketing and Promotion

A film need to be promoted and marketed properly and strategically in order to reach maximum audience. There are different types of marketing like online marketing, offline marketing, media marketing, print media marketing, press conferences, colleges and school visits by the star cast and crew, advertisement and writeup in the newspaper and digital sites.
We do all of these things in order to promote and market your films.

8. Film Education
PIyush Pande Film is the leading film making institution in central India and have taught more than 500 students on subjects related to film making. We conduct various short term courses like acting, film direction, cinematography, photography, editing, sound engineering etc.
We also guarantee internship in live projects so that students can have hand on experience in working in the film industry.