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Kabir Singh


#KabirSingh is like a magic trick that we have seen over and over and still loved it. But here the trick remains the same and the props change, so does the magic still work?
It sure does! If there was one actor who could pull off the rugged, flashy, unapologetic yet charming act, it would be #ShahidKapur. Saw some solid resemblance to #VijayDevarakonda, but that’s intentional. That’s the really #ArjunReddy look!
They have recreated it scene for scene, even the expressions and dialogues are literal translations (which does fail a few times). The music is also the same and that is one of the stars of the movie!
#Shahid shuffles between his own interpretations of the character and the one from #ArjunReddy. In some scenes, that angst is very evident, like the scene after Holi. But overall it works, more so because of how well the character has been written. It will cross any language barrier if the feel is enacted well..

#Kiara does well in her little bit and there’s hardly any meat to the female part in the movie (yes, it’s more than a love story). All other side actors are just about okay and support well. Amit stays Amit and that was amazing! ?
So I have actually seen the original one over 20 times and it’s one of my most favorite movies ever. Hence there might be a little bias. But I would love to know what a first time watcher thinks of it. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with the story or the acting, just the depth of emotions, angst, hurt might not interest a lot of people.
I’m definitely gonna watch the original again today and even go watch Kabir Singh again ?

Overall 2.5* out of 5. 


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