Have made a SHORT FILM? Send it to us and release it on Amazon Prime.



Short film in Amazon Prime


Piyush Pande Films is inviting short film makers from all accross India, to send thier short films to them. Selected Short films will be released on Amazon Prime in US and UK.


PIyush Pande Films


Piyush Pande Films have now become the ‘Content Partner’ for Amazon Prime in US and UK. The short films selected by Piyush Pande Films will be submited to Amazon and after all technical clearance, the short film will be released on Amazon. These short films will be available on Amazn Prime customers in US and UK and will also be available for rent and purchase in US and UK.
The Producers of the short films released will get 50% of the revenue that comes from Amazon.
To submit the videos, mail your youtube private link or vimeo password protected link along with your name and mobile number to piyushpandefilms@gmail.com
The short film must meet the following basic technical specifications:
  1. Video resolution : 1920*1080
  2. Audio – Sterio 2.1 or Dolby 5.1 channel. 
If your short film does not match the above basic specifications please do not send it across.
Once your short film is selected, you will be contacted via email or mobile and further things will be discussed.



Piyush Pande Films

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