Filmmakers from Nagpur again wins ‘Platinum Award’ in IFP – World’s biggest 50 hour film making competition

Rishab Joshi
                                               Rishab Joshi receiving Platinum Award for his short film ‘Paul’
Filmmakers from Nagpur have again made the city proud with their creative excellence. Recently participated in the world’s biggest 50-hour film making competition – IFP, the team from the orange city won the ‘Platinum Award‘ (1st Price) in the Professional category.


The film ‘PAUL’  directed by the team of ‘Rishab S Joshi’ featuring Santosh Hirsinghnia and Ashish Maske,  is about Stuttering that is not a disorder that is new to the people around the world, in fact it is very common disorder, but this is a story of man who overcame it in a very unconventional way after years of childhood struggle. He later researched and developed unconventional medicines in order to improve millions of others suffering from similar neurological disorders. The film was written, shot and edited completely in less than 50 hours.


Santosh Hirsinghania (Actor)
                 Santosh Hirsinghania (Actor)
The theme of the competition this year was ‘A tale of passion‘ and film makers across the globe had to make a film on the same theme only.  More than 30 countries all over the world took part in this challenge and our team from Nagpur made it to the top.
Since last three years, film makers from Nagpur are winning the best film awards at IFP.



PIyush Pande Films
Piyush Pande Films

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