Web series ‘Drishtibhram’ by PiyushPandeFilms – releases on Amazon Prime.

Web series ‘Drishtibhram’ by PiyushPandeFilms-releases on Amazon Prime (US & UK)     With the astounding qualitative content being the need of the hour, the advent of digital medium has been a boon for independent creators. In context to this, major streaming giants have been contributing in creation of original, fresh and thought provoking stories; […]

Photography classes in Nagpur

Summer Classes on Basic Photography, by Piyush Pande Photography classes.

  Piyush Pande Photography classes are conducting 5 days short term workshops on Basic Photography for school students, teens and adults too. There is no age bar. The topics covered will be Camera settings, Nature&Wildlife photography, fashion photography, sports photography and street photography. The batches will start from every Monday to Friday. Timings will be […]

Girls of the Sun (2017) by Eva Husson at OCIFF

Girls of the Sun (2017) – Review by Ram Tayade The film, adjudged earlier as the ‘Best Film’ at Pune Film Festival, was fitting finale for the recently concluded four day long *Orange City International Film Festival*. Many in the audience applauded as if possessed at the end of the movie. So, for lovers of […]

Rakkhhosh movie

Award winning film Rakkhosh to be screened at OCIFF 2019 Nagpur on 10 Feb

Award winning Rakkhosh (Best Director – Jury – RIFF 2019) to be screened at OCIFF 2019 Nagpur on 10 Feb India’s first POV film (a film where the camera is rigged to see everyone and everyone is seen talking to the camera) Rakkhosh – set entirely in a Mental Asylum, won the Best Director Award […]

3rd Edition of Orange City International Film Festival from 7th to 10th feb

Orange city cultural foundation in Association with Nagpur Municipal Corporation and Nagpur university is conducting the third edition of Orange City International Film Festival which will screen 31 full length Indian and Foreign feature films and 25 short films. This year too two well known film makers Jahnu Barua and marathi film maker Rajdutt will […]

How to handle a camera?

How to handle a camera like a professional ?

How to Handle a camera like a Professional?   Photography is becoming a more common as an hobby by people of all ages. There are many lesson on how to learn photography but rarely any one will tell you how to handle a camera! If you handle the camera the right way it will not […]

Banjaraas – The Nomads from Rajasthan | Photo Story

Banjaraas – The Nomads from Rajasthan | Photo Story     Banjaraas – The nomads of Rajasthan, India. These are the people who have no permanent settlement and they travel from place to place for food and job.       Moving place to place it a part of their lifestyle and thats why most […]

What is Aperture?

Understanding Aperture. What is it and how it works?

WHAT IS APERTURE?  Aperture is one of the most important setting in the camera while taking a photo. Aperture is the hole or the opening in the lens through which light enters the camera and falls on the sensor. The size of the opening or the hole can be controlled by the camera by changing […]