Artist of the Month – Aditya Sharma – Director of the upcoming web series Drishtibhram.

This month we meet Aditya Sharma – Director of the upcoming web series Drishtibhram, produced by Piyush Pande Films.
Aditya Sharma is a film director from Nagpur and has won many awards for his short films in the past. He is the only one who has won the Gold, Platinum and Silver awards at the Indian Film Project which is the biggest 50 hours film making competition in the world. His latest project is a web series DRISHTIBHRAM which is shot entirely in Nagpur and will be released soon online.


1. How did the idea of making a web series came into action ?

It was high time that Nagpur had been bagging awards for short films but then idea of a quality featured length project was still awaiting. Piyush Pande, Leo (Leonard Leo – Lead actor of the web sereis)  and me shared the same concern about it and whilst over a coffee we decided to collaborate and give this project green to go.

2. Why Nagpur ? Where all did you shoot in Nagpur?

Why Nagpur ? For a simplistic answer I would say for the love for the city firstly , secondly my motto had been always to bring Nagpur on the film map and lastly nagpur has abundant beautiful locations  which adds to the visual treatment and shooting in Nagpur would also help us in having local support .We shot in lot of places like Dharampeth , Suraburdi Meadows, Omkar Nagar , Zilpi lake , Civil lines etc.


3. How did you cast your main leads and supporting actors ?

We had auditions and welcomed theatre artists, acting enthusiast and also wanna be actors. On merit and as per the need of the script we selected our cast . Jasmine Kaur was a hard nut to crack because of her age ,she doesn’t seem to be so talented but she did a marvellous job . For leo I would say I wanted to explore his potential as an actor, we had previously have worked together in short films & theatres . When Ankit (Writer) narrated me the story I thought leo would do the right justice to the character . Rest Ruturaj , Sangram, N.V sir , Rupali , Piyush Wankhede were equally brilliant in playing their characters well . All together it was great cast unit .


4. Tell us something about the writing process.

Ankit Bhuptani is one of the finest we have . His precision and pace is remarkable . He has this unique talent of articulating a simple story into a master piece. His research behind every aspects on the screenplay of Drishtibhram is bang on which helped me to ease off designing the scenes.

5. Tell us something about Drishtibhram. What is it about ?

Drishtibhram is a thriller but the perplexing situation in the story is what keeps you intriguing and engaging. At this stage I would not like you to know the baseline of it ..I would suggest just watch it .



6. This is your first feature length production.  How was your experience ? Anything you learnt from it in particular? 

Yes, as a director my first . The experience was good , got to learn a lot of things in terms of team work, scheduling , continuity and shot selections . End of the day what I took home is it’s just like a 5 min short film what you continuously do for 30 days .

7. When and where can we see Drishtibhram ?

Well, this is a wrong question to a director ,the right person to answer that would be our producer Piyush Pande. He is the master of marketing and releasing the films. We have completed the shoot and the post production is almost done too.



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