5 Short films & Documentary shot on IPhone.

In the last few years, filmmakers all over the world have been expressing their creativity by shooting short and feature-length movies using their phones, showing that you should never be afraid to tell a story if you don’t own an expensive camera. Here are five great ones, shot on different generation of IPhone.

“Romance in NYC” – Shot on iPhone 6 Plus

Pope had decided to use the iPhone 6 “to achieve the right intimate, candid feel” in his romantic drama that is shot almost entirely from the first person perspective. The movie is anchored in real life New York City, and Pope attempts to convey the intimacy that is found in mundane moments of relationships between a boyfriend and girlfriend.

“Connecting the Dots” – Shot on Iphone 6

Directed by Piyush Pande, ‘Connecting the dots’ is a feature length documentary film on the making of 2 short films which won the 1st and 2nd award in Asia’s Biggest ’50 Hour’ film making project, held in 2018 in Mumbai, India. The film was entirely shot on iphone 6 plus in 48 hours. The back ground sound is also recorded by the Iphone 6+ recorder.


“Made in Paris” – Shot on iPhone X

The iPhone X is the most capable, highest spec iPhone camera to date, shooting up to 4K at 60fps using an f/1.8 wide angle lens and an f/2.4 telephoto lens that are both optical stabilized. “Made in Paris” utilized smartphone gimbals and stabilizers to shoot this beautiful cinematic short film about a French pastry chef. This is a wonderful demonstration of the cinematic capabilities available in the ever growing iPhone video, and accessory, market.


Mistplaced – Short film shot on Iphone 7

Directed by Tommy Starsson, ‘Mistplaces’ is a short film about a young man in the forest, who while resting realizes that he has lost something. The film is a great learning lesson on how you can make good quality video on iphone without any heavy investment.


TRAIN – Short film Shot on I Phone 6

Train is a sweet romantic short film based on two Ex Lovers who crosses each others life unknowingly while they are crossing the same place they both visited when they were in relationship. The film was shot in Nagpur, India and was directed by Piyush Pande.  The film was shot on iphone 6 using an ultra wide lens for iphone.


These are just a handful of the thousands of short and feature films shot on iPhones, so please share your favorites in the comments section. So why would you even consider shooting on an iPhone? We feel like these  directors would all have a different answer, some based on budget, some based on an attempt for a voyeuristic look to the project. But the main consideration a filmmaker would be to break down the assumption that top spec gear is necessary to shoot good video. It’s a great exercise to solely concentrate on your composition and storytelling that can open your mind to larger projects, or even stand alone as a compelling piece of cinematography.

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